Say it with me: WALMART IS AMAZING.Not on a Saturday afternoon for getting groceries. No, that’s actually the worst thing I can think of in the entire world. That is just asking to run into someone you haven’t seen since high school when you haven’t washed your hair in 3 days, you’re up 10 pounds, and your kid is talking to you like they’re the leader of a prison gang and not your sweet, sweet angel baby. Am I right? 

Walmart is amazing when you have a few minutes to yourself to run in, kid free, either early in the morning or late in the evening when the crowds are gone. And among the aisles, if you’re paying attention, you will find absolute fashion gems. Know how I know? Because I shop at Walmart for clothing, shoes and accessories like it’s my job. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, then you already know some of my most popular posts are #walmartfinds. I’m often asked how I find good deals there, how I’m always scoring the newest stuff and where I find it. Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips for shopping Walmart like a boss and elevating your style game on a budget. Here’s what I’m talking about – these are things I’ve recently purchased and can’t say enough good things about!

This ruffled peplum is almost completely sold out online but you can still find it in store. Size 4/6 all the way up to size 22 for under $10. It’s worth making a trip to the store!

These sweaters are really better to purchase in store because more sizes are available and they’re not as picked over! These Terra and Sky jeans are plus size and the fit is amazing. Go find them in store and try them on (sold out online)! These leopard flats are under $6 and also not online but are in store.

These jeans are also Terra and Sky and sold out online but available in store. This cardiis online but in the store you’ll find even more colors and a better selection!

Now, on to the really good stuff. Ready? Here we go!

  1. YOU HAVE TO BE AHEAD OF THE GAME. What do I mean by that? Right now it’s the end of July and we’re already seeing tons of fall styles. In fact, some of them are already selling out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a couture design house or a mass retailer, the peak time for getting the newest seasonal items is before the season arrives. So if you want to wear darling sweaters in October, keep your eyes peeled in July.
  2. ONE WALMART ALONE WILL NOT SUFFICE. I don’t know the method to the madness, but I do know for sure that not every single Walmart releases new items at the same time. I also know that you may never see certain items at one Walmart, while another is fully stocked. The truth is, I shop more than one Walmart. I have to drive 20-30 minutes in any direction to get to a Walmart, and there are 3 that I circulate on a regular basis. Just last week I was in one Walmart and found amazing sweaters that were definitely not at a different Walmart just a couple days earlier. You have to be in a committed relationship with more than one store. It’s just how the game is played.
  3. SMALL TOWN WALMART = GOLD. Now, I have some friend who would argue with me on this one. If you’re in a smaller town with one Walmart, I know it can feel like the bigger stores are getting all the good stuff and your Walmart sucks. But I’m telling you, one of my favorite Walmart locations is in a smaller town and it’s a gold mine because when they do have amazing finds, they’re not picked over. If  you’re going to a Walmart in a major city right off the highway, expect that it might be slim pickins, just because more bodies go in and out of that location. It’s science. 
  4. BECOME A BRAND EXPERT. I know the brands I love at Walmart. If it’s Terra and Sky or Time and Tru, count me in. If it’s No Boundaries, probably count me out. No Boundaries doesn’t really cater to my size and the options aren’t really my style so I just skip on those altogether. Why is this helpful? Because in the event you can’t get to a store, it makes shopping Walmart online much, much easier. There can be tons and tons of images to sort through and knowing the brands that fit you best, helps you find exactly what you’re looking for in a hurry.
  5. OTHER DEPARTMENTS ARE FULL OF TREASURES. Don’t spend all your time in the women’s clothing. You’ll find the cutest hats, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes, and sunglasses for every season if you keep your eyes open. Walmart does little ballet flats year round in tons of seasonal colors and prints and they are always under $6. There are frequently designer sunglasses dupes for $10 and under that change all the time. And lastly, if you want a super cute graphic tee, head to the men’s department ASAP. I’ve also recently found some super cute short sleeve hoodies in the men’s section that my husband would never wear…..but Mama bought two. 

Y’all I tried so hard to find a link but I didn’t see these anywhere online! They are in the men’s section and the brand is George. They came in so many colors!

***An extra pro tip (or two) from me to you – Time and Tru has started carrying many items in regular and plus size, starting with a 4/6 and going all the way up to a 22/XXXL. On almost every item I have tried, the sizing on the plus items has been spot on. How cool is that?! And finally, shopping online can be hit or miss. Some items are just impossible to find or sell out way faster than they do in store. Just know if you can’t find it online, that does NOT mean it’s unavailable. Shop the stores and you’ll probably find it.***

Are you a Walmart addict, too? What do you love to buy there? Have more questions about how to shop the Wally like a pro? Leave me a comment and I’ll help however I can!

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