When I had my first baby, the retail landscape looked a lot different. Babies R Us was still open and was a popular one stop shop for all things baby. They have since gone out of business and Amazon has anything and everything you could ever need – baby or no baby! Now that we’re all shopping with Amazon Prime, it doesn’t matter if you need to have diapers dropped at your door or if you’re creating a registry – anything you could possibly want is available in one click. It’s pretty freaking awesome. Of course you run the risk of not being able to see a product up close and personal before you order, but Amazon returns are super easy and reviews make it simple to do your homework beforehand. Even though it’s usually all grown up fashion and beauty around here, I wanted to share some of the cutest baby finds Amazon has to offer and some fun details from my shower! 

(Please note this post contains affiliate links. This post is not sponsored by Amazon, but it would be cool if it was!)

Seriously, how cute are these things?! I was so surprised at the selection of darling outfits and fun accessories. They look like anything you would find in a boutique and now that I’ve seen them all in person, I’m more than impressed with the entire Amazon experience. The best part is you can still find practical things like diapers right alongside all this girly, unicorn awesomeness. You can click on any of the underlined items in the caption above to go straight to Amazon and add to cart!

My best friend was nice enough to open her home for the shower and the theme was centered around every pregnant gal’s fave – tacos! Honestly, is there anything better? Give me queso and and cake and I’m a happy girl. I loved all the bright colors and the food was so yummy. The gorgeous cake was homemade by my best friend’s sister and so much better than anything you’ll find in a bakery, and those precious cookies with the baby’s name were made by my sorority sister. Every detail was perfect, and no one loved it more than my sweet 6 year old who is so excited to be big sis!

When it came to something to wear, I really wasn’t sure what I would find. I am obviously plus size, baby is getting BIG, and I’m just a few weeks away from having her. At the end of pregnancy, it gets a whole lot harder to find things that fit and don’t make you feel like you’re just wearing a tent, and that’s often the case no matter if you’re plus size or not. I tried a couple different options I didn’t love, and then I stumbled across this dress that was a new arrival at one of my fave boutiques, Kervology. I work with Kervology on social media sometimes, but I would shop with them no matter what because they have things you don’t see everywhere, and the owner, Lindsay, is truly dedicated to finding clothes that fit plus size women. This dress is currently sold out but will be available again in April 2019! Be sure to follow me over on Instagram to stay up to date on current faves from Kervology!

I’ve never really talked about it here on the blog, but we lost a baby last fall. When that happened, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try again. I had so many doubts and fears. “Maybe I’m too old to have another baby. Maybe I don’t deserve to have another baby.” I was in my last year of grad school when it happened and the stress I was experiencing in some of my classes was so intense, I thought maybe I caused it. But after some time to heal mentally and physically, I was ready to open myself to the possibility again. It took a lot longer to get pregnant this time. I was nervous it may not happen at all, that maybe something in my body had gone very wrong after the miscarriage. And when I did get pregnant again, I was scared of another loss. So much so, it was hard to be excited at first. Now we’re about to enter the 35th week with our c-section scheduled for week 37. I still have some worries but more than anything I’m just so excited for our girl to be a big sister and for all of us to see this baby’s sweet little face. The wait is almost over, and I’m ready to start our chapter as a family of 4. This blessing is one I do not take for granted, and I’m looking forward to being a #girlmom of two! 

Talk to you soon, friends!

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