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Today I’m bringing you white denim styled 3 ways. If you are plus size, you’ve probably read or even been told by someone that “black is slimming” and to avoid white or light colors because they make you look larger. Listen. The only rule you need to follow when it comes to color? Wear the ones that make you happiest. 

A wider leg for denim has come back around in popularity so I decided to give it a shot in white, and I love it! White denim can be more difficult to work with because it shows so much, so you might have to try several options before you find one that works for you. But gosh, when you do find a pair you love…..the options for styling are endless! 

Just a note: normally I would try to link to as many things as possible for you, but a lot of these items are either sold out or have been in my closet for a long time. I would love for this post to be more about style inspiration and trying something new than the actual items themselves. 

WHITE ON WHITE. Number one, wearing white from head to toe feels like you’re just asking the universe to slap you with red paint or melted chocolate. Number two, if you’ve been told your whole life you should never wear all white, it feels like you’re breaking a societal rule, yes? But when you get past all that, white on white feels so fresh and bright. It’s a total mood booster. Here are my top 3 tips for wearing white on white:

  • Comfort is key. It’s cool to try something new, but do it in clothes that are easy to wear, and don’t have fit issues. If dresses are your thing, do that instead of pants and a top. If you hate dresses, do pants. You’re not going to have fun with it if you force yourself to wear something you’re not comfortable in or you have to keep adjusting.
  • Think about shape. I went with wide leg jeans and a flowy top so I added wedges to give myself some extra height and create a long line from head to toe. If you’re going to wear white on white, thinking about choosing shapes and silhouettes that work for you. 
  • CONFIDENCE. You have the right to wear any color, any time, no matter what body you’re in. That’s the truth. Whatever you put on, wear it with pride.

PRETTY PEPLUM. During spring and summer, nothing goes better with white than gorgeous pastels. One of my favorite style of tops, ever in the history of clothing, is a peplum top. This is a really relaxed peplum from Chic Soul in one of my current color obsessions – lavender. The great thing about white denim is you can put virtually any color with it and it will look fabulous. Here are some ways to pull it all together:

  • Have fun with accessories. I just happened to have Kendra Scott earrings in the same shade as my top, so I grabbed them and added a colorful necklace. This is a simple, no-fuss silhouette, so you can really go all out with accessories and take the look many different directions. You could add hair accessories, bags, hats – endless options!
  • Keep the shoes light and bright. A classic black shoe is a closet staple, but I wouldn’t recommend it for this look. Keep it super fresh by going with white or nude, or even a metallic. A wedge or espadrille is perfect with this look!
  • Change up the color or pattern of your peplum top. One of my all time favorite color combos is black and white. It always looks effortless and chic. This look would still be just as amazing if you traded the pastel peplum for classic black. You could even do a peplum in a print as well. Floral, leopard, stripes, gingham – the beauty of white denim is it goes with everything!

BOHO BEAUTY. I think I have always had a tendency to lean towards more classic, or even a bit preppy/feminine fashion. Lately though, I have really loved dipping my toes in a more boho type of style. I love fashion and I love trying new things – different is fun. When I got these white jeans I knew I would style them so many ways, but I think this laid back, boho look might be my favorite of the bunch. Obviously I can’t go to any concerts or festivals right now, but when the time is right, I have the perfect outfit! Here are my best tips on creating a boho vibe:

  • Have fun with texture. This outfit has lace, cork, rattan, tassels, and even my shirt is a crinkled material. Boho style, whether clothing or in home decor, often has a lot of texture from different textiles.
  • Relax, man. No seriously, relaxed is the name of the game with boho style. Save tailored blazers and button downs for a different day. Go with easy, breezy silhouettes. I left an extra button open so you could get a peek of my bralette. You could do this with a tank instead if you need more coverage. 
  • Don’t worry about being too matchy. Bohemian looks can be bright or soft, but overall, there’s no need to worry about whether colors are exact. 
  • Wide brim hats are where it’s at. You certainly don’t have to wear a hat, but if you do, make it a wide brim whether it’s in felt, wool, or straw.

So there you have it, my best tips and tricks for styling white denim, and even rocking head to toe white! If you’ve been told all you can wear is black because you have curves, the time to break free from the myth is NOW! However…..the bottom line? You have the right to wear any color you want. You have the right to not wear a color if you don’t want to. Fashion should be fun and it should make you feel good. If you’ve always wanted to try white denim, I hope this gives you a nudge in that direction! I also think it’s really important to honor your comfort zone. Don’t wear white denim just because me or another blogger tells you to. 

If you’re already rocking white, let me know your favorite way to wear it. Is there a curvy white denim brand I should know about? Let me know your recommendations and suggestions. 

Until next time – be well, stay safe, and I’ll talk to you soon!

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