Well hey there, y’all! How was your week? This has been a busy one at our house and it won’t slow down any time soon. This time of year is full of activities, birthdays, and all the good stuff that comes with the autumn season. When life gets really busy, I always find myself getting into routines, coming back to things that I really enjoy or make my life easier. This week I thought I would share some recent favorites with you – everything from fashion and beauty to general lifestyle. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately. Enjoy!

*This post contains some affiliate links. Although I may make a small commission from a few of these items, there is no additional cost to you.


First things first – if you watch beauty videos on YouTube, then you’ve probably heard of Emilynoel83. If you haven’t, open a new tab and go to her channel. She got her start working in TV news and as her beauty channel grew, it eventually became her full time job. She’s known for being honest and never pushing sketchy brands just to make a buck. She recently did a collaboration with Makeup Revolution and the end result was fabulous. I picked up the huge eyeshadow palette called The Wants and took it with me to Vegas. It was the only shadow I brought and it met every need I had from quick easy makeup to a photo shoot at the Neon Museum. I’ll throw a picture in of the palette itself and the makeup I did with it! At just $20 it’s such a steal and Emily is someone I’m happy to support. Grab The Wants Palette here.


If you like hair products that smell good, you’ll love this. But let me tell you what it really does – because it basically does the most. You can use it in place of a dry shampoo, but what I really love it for is texture and volume. I actually used it in the photo above and it had no problem withstanding the Vegas heat! It’s awesome for reviving your hair if you’ve gone a few days without washing, but even on a day when you’re starting from scratch, you could use this product. I usually use spray waxes, but I think I like this even better. A really sweet girl at my Ulta recommended it and I have not been disappointed. You can snag it here!


Now obviously, I’m a jewelry lover in general. But big earrings are the real MVP (see photographic proof throughout this blog). They’re so quick and easy to throw on, it looks like I put some effort into getting dressed, and when these hot, humid temps are still trying to hang on for dear life, it’s nice to not have anything touching my neck or wrist. Big earrings have been carrying me through a lot lately. I wore this pair of rose gold, leather stunners to our state fair last weekend and they were so lightweight and finished off what I was wearing perfectly.


If you read last week’s post (check it out here) then you know I’m a fan of Amazon fashion. For the record, they are not paying me and have no idea who I am. Ha! This skirt is another Amazon gem that I recently wore in Vegas and I got so many compliments on it. It comes in size S up to 3X and in a ton of different patterns. I have my eye on another one for family pictures! Here’s the link to check them out! If you are someone who finds it difficult to get the perfect fit in cocktail/formal attire, I can’t recommend separates like this enough. I am two completely different sizes on bottom and top. Every bridesmaid dress I’ve ever worn has required extensive alterations because standard sizing makes the assumption someone with my hip size must have a really large chest. Wrong. Well, not completely wrong. I used to. I had a breast reduction at about 19, but that’s another post for another day. Anyway, doing two pieces makes it easy for me to customize the size and fit and that’s what fashion is all about. This top is from Nordstrom and I couldn’t find the exact one, but I did find a similar option that’s really cute here.


Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am obsessed with true crime. I watch Dateline like it’s my job. I used to think there was probably something wrong with me, until I realized there are so many people just like me who prefer to spend their Friday night in, watching shows about murder. Imagine my delight when I was introduced to podcasts and found out I could take murder with me to the office, the gym, and the car. Life changing. I’m always on the hunt for something new to listen to, and last week I found two absolute GEMS – Crime Junkie and Dr. Death. If you enjoy true crime, go download these on whatever platform you use. I promise you won’t regret it! (Images from Stitcher)


Spoiler alert: it’s NOT a pumpkin spice latte, although those are delish. I never get tired of this drink and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me talk about it many, many times. It requires a little bit of DIY, but it’s well worth it. All you need is one Premier Protein shake (I love the Caramel flavor for this drink the most) and either refrigerated iced coffee at home, or 2-3 shots of espresso on ice (at Starbucks get a Venti cup so you’ll have room). If I’m making it at home I usually get Stok or Starbucks brand coffee from the refrigerator section of my grocery store. I just add ice, coffee, and the shake to a big tumbler and stir it all up. If I go to Starbucks I ask for 2-3 shots of espresso over ice in a Venti cup then I dump the shake over it and stir with my straw. It tastes so good but it’s extremely low in sugar so I never, ever feel guilty about drinking it. If you follow Weight Watchers, it’s 2 points for the entire, giant drink!

So there you have it, friends. My current obsessions – all of which make my life just a little better and brighter. I love finding and trying new things, but I really love it when those new things become staples I can count on. Do we share any of the same favorites? Do you have a favorite I should know about? Drop ’em down in the comments! Have a wonderful day and as always, thank you so much for reading. 

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