Hello, friends and happy summer!

Summer in Oklahoma started out with so much rain and we’re just now starting to experience what our meteorologists call “the heat dome.” I’m a native Oklahoman and I know what’s coming, but every year in June through August, I’m outraged by the rudeness of Mother Nature. Ha!

When it comes to getting dressed in the summer, I have a few staple items I rely on to keep things easy. I thought I would share them with you today because so many of them are affordable and just too good to keep to myself!

1. HATS. Give me all of them. Some days it’s a baseball cap because, #momlife and #dirtyhairdontcare but my favorite is a fedora. Whether it’s a classic shape or a wide brim, I just love them for summer. These have been my two most worn hats and both come in under $20! And honestly, I feel just a little bit more like a cool mom when I look like I’m going to a music festival instead of the Chick-fil-a drive thru. 

2. DRESSES. I’m telling y’all right now, dresses are the lazy girl’s saving grace when it comes to looking put together. It’s one easy piece to slip over your head and you’re done! Bonus points if it’s a maxi and you don’t have to shave your legs, am I right? I also love the versatility of a dress. You can layer with jackets and kimonos or wear them just as they are, and they are so easy to dress up or down. You can make the same dress look completely boho or completely classic just depending on how you style it. 

3. BAGS AND ACCESSORIES. I love a good, sturdy designer handbag but honestly there’s just something fun about a trendy, seasonal bag that has all the bells and whistles. Likewise, I have had sunglasses from Chanel, Dolce & Gabana, and others, but I love my cheap Amazon sunglasses so much. They add so much to an outfit without spending a lot of money. 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging on jewelry, either! I might be biased but I think we offer some of the cutest jewelry EVER at Plunder Design. I’ve been a jewelry stylist with Plunder for almost 3 years and the vast majority of the jewelry you see me wear is right from my website! Check it out HERE.

As for the rest of these treasures? Shop them all right down below! Thank you so much for reading and stay cool out there! (By purchasing any of the items below I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

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