Pre-pregnancy, I was rocking a size 10 shoe. Was it ideal? No. But most of the time I could find shoes that were cute and fit well. People told me my feet might go up in size while pregnant but most likely they would return to normal. LIES. My feet went up to a size 11 and have never gone back down. They have also become wider, which complicates my shoe game even more. However, I am nothing if not determined, so I’ve made it my business to find the cutest shoes in bigger sizes. Here’s where I go to score the BEST shoes for my large and in charge feet! (Don’t worry, even if you have average size feet, you’ll still love these options!)

Yeah, you read it right. They carry up to size 11 and in some cases, 11/12. I’ve found everything from faux leather flip flops to blush pink athletic shoes to the gingham print flats pictured below. To get the freshest new prints and styles I recommend checking your store every couple weeks rather than looking online. I don’t think I have ever paid over $15 for any pair of shoes at Walmart. For trendy shoes that don’t need to last forever, you can’t beat it!


When I want a designer shoe or I’m looking for something that will last for a long time, Nordstrom Rack is my first stop. This is where I find Tory Burch, Sam Edelman, Clark’s, and almost any other brand you can think of. I really appreciate the selection and variety in sizes 11 and 12. While you can often order those brands online, I really prefer being able to try them on in store and Nordstrom Rack is like a one-stop shop where I can see, touch, and try on everything without trying to guess whether it’s going to fit. It doesn’t hurt that everything is discounted!


If you have wide feet, Torrid is a no-brainer. Every shoe is automatically designed to fit wide feet so you never have to worry about it. If you have a narrow foot, their shoes may not work quite as well for you, but when the vast majority of retailers cater to average feet, Torrid is a lifesaver. Flats, boots, wedges, sandals, you name it, Torrid has it. They also runs great sales and frequently have coupons. Sign up to be a Torrid Insider and you’ll always know when to get the best deals!

Honorable mentions…..
Target – Sometimes their shoes run too narrow for me, but they do always carry a size 11 in-store which is awesome! I have several pairs of shoes from Target that I love, I just always like to make sure I try them on in person to check the width. Every now and then I will order shoes online and have them shipped to the store, and kudos to Target for making it so easy to avoid shipping costs and quickly return things that don’t fit!

Cato Fashions – Cato has stores in 32 states so they’re not available everywhere, but if you have one near you they do carry up to a size 11 and have several styles available in wide width. I have a pair of booties from there that I have worn to death and I will cry someday when they become too worn out to wear. See if there’s a Cato near you here.

Jane.com – Since Jane is a flash sale site, you have to act fast. They also don’t carry 11 or 12 in every single shoe because it depends on the retailer and brand but when I see shoes I really like, I always check on sizes. I’ve found many cute shoes in my size over the years so it pays to click on the size menu! I have found that the Journey+Crew brand almost always goes up to at least an 11. These leopard booties are a pretty recent find from Jane, again by the Journey+Crew brand. I sized up to a 12 just to be sure they would fit since I can always do socks with them, and they fit fine. If you love these too, download the Jane app and keep checking because I would almost guarantee you’ll see them again. Won’t they be perfect for fall?!

Where are your favorite places to shop for shoes? If there’s a place I should be going, let a sister know! No matter how many pairs you have, one more never hurts, right? After all, shoe love is TRUE LOVE. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@jenlyn83) to see my latest and greatest shoe finds! 

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